I think an unauthorized purchase has been made from my Plarium Play account. What should I do?

In many cases, what at first might appear to be an unauthorized purchase is simply a feature of how the transaction process works. Before contacting our support team, please check:

1. Do any of your family or friends have access to your Plarium Play account? If so, make sure that they have not used it to make any in-game purchases.

2. Are any entries you see on your credit/debit card statement that appear to be a double-charge actually just an indication of funds placed on hold or a confirmation of a completed transaction?

Often, when you make an in-game purchase, funds are not immediately debited from your card but are instead placed on hold, with an entry on your card statement indicating this.

Then, once the transaction process completes, the funds are debited from your card. This may appear as a separate entry on your card statement up to 72 hours later, but it does not mean that you have been double-charged.

Purchases made within Plarium Play will include the word "PLARIUM" in the transaction description when they appear on your card statement.

If you have checked both of the possibilities listed above and still think an unauthorized purchase was made, please contact our support team. In your message, please share as much relevant information as possible, such as the purchase date and amount, and card/bank statement screenshots.

We will investigate and issue a refund if necessary.

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