How do I save or unlink my PayPal account?

You can save or unlink your PayPal account either from the checkout window in a browser or the Payments menu of Plarium Play.

When you purchase in the game and haven't got the linked PayPal account yet, you will see the "Remember this account" checkbox. Once you select this option and finish the payment using the account you have just remembered, it will be saved for future purchases.


To forget it, you need to open the checkout window again. There, you'll see the option to delete the saved account by clicking on the "Remove" button next to it.


If you'd like to remove the saved PayPal account directly from Plarium Play, please navigate to Settings > Payments > My saved payment methods. Click X next to your PayPal account to initiate removing it and confirm the action.


The same instructions can be applied if you want to remove your saved payment card.

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