How do I find my Purchase history in Plarium Play?

To check your Purchase history:

1. Open the Settings tab in the Plarium Play launcheren1.png
2. In the Overview tab, you'll see the Purchase history for your Profile. You can also check it in the Payments tab.en2.png

Note: Only in-game purchases made via Plarium Play will be displayed here. Purchases made via other platforms (Google Play, App Store, etc.) are not included.

If you haven't made any purchases yet, or if your only purchases predate February 18, 2021, you may see the following notification: "No purchases to show. If you made purchases before February 18, 2021, your full purchase history will appear here only after your next purchase."

In the Purchase history table, each entry will contain the date of the last activity related to that transaction ('Date'), the game for which you made the purchase ('Game'), the total price ('Amount'), and its Status. Transactions are listed from newest to oldest. If the status of a transaction changes, its date will also change, and its entry will move up the list.

Here's what each status indicates:

  • Successful - Payment completed successfully.
  • Reversed - Payment was refunded, canceled by the cardholder, or a chargeback was issued.
  • Processing error - Payment wasn't completed due to a payment processor error or an issue with the cardholder's bank.
  • Unsuccessful - Payment failed. In this instance, you'll have to contact our support team.


Clicking on a specific entry opens Payment Details, which provides the following information:

  • Game name
  • Purchase date (labeled as 'Purchased')
  • Location (may not be available for payments before 2020)
  • Transaction ID (can be copied to the clipboard by clicking on the icon to the right of the ID)
  • Last activity (the date of the most recent activity, such as the completed purchase, a refund, or a chargeback)
  • Status
  • Payment method
  • Price (excl. tax)
  • Tax
  • Total price


Note: The 'Purchased' date may be different from the date of the actual money deduction from your card/account. The funds may be deducted within 72 hours from the moment of making a purchase.

At the bottom, there is a link labeled "Don't recognize this purchase? Find out how to report it". This redirects you to our Plarium Play FAQ section regarding payments. There you will find information on how to report suspicious purchases.

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