General info about Weapons

Weapons are the main piece of equipment for Mechs. You can install up to 2 Weapons on a Mech. The corresponding Pilot can improve every Weapon's characteristics.

Weapons have several properties:

  • Type - the category the Weapon falls into, based on its use or capabilities
  • Energy Cost - how much Energy the Weapon needs to operate. Total Energy Cost of all Weapons on a Mech cannot exceed the Mech's Energy Capacity.
  • Perk - a unique characteristic of a Weapon - Power - an approximation of a Weapon's overall strength in combat (damage potential, unique properties, accuracy, etc.)
  • Damage Per Magazine - Damage dealt before needing to reload, hitting at ideal range
  • Damage per Shot - Damage dealt by a single shot, hitting at ideal range
  • Fire Rate - number of shots the Weapon can fire in one minute (not including reloading)
  • Optimal Range - distance at which the Weapon can deal the most Damage per shot
  • Max Range - maximum distance at which Damage can be dealt
  • Magazine - number of shots the Weapon can fire before needing to be reloaded
  • Reload Speed - how quickly the weapon can be reloaded
  • Accuracy - how close a shot will be to the center of the crosshair
  • Damage Radius - range at which the Weapon deals Splash Damage around the point of impact


You can check out the strengths and weaknesses of each Weapon by going to the Inventory and tapping on them: 

2. weapon_stats.jpg

Depending on the Type of your Weapon, you can improve its characteristics by installing a Pilot.



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