General info about Mechs

Mechs are the main element of the Mech Arena. They are combat robots that can be sent to Battles. You can equip each of them with up to 2 Weapons and 1 Pilot. The total Energy Consumption of equipped Weapons cannot exceed Mech's Energy Limit.

You can have a maximum of 5 Mechs in your Squad. They are stored in your Hangar.


How to add a Mech: 


How to remove a Mech: 


Mechs' Properties

- Role — describes the sorts of tactics that a Mech is best suited for (Scout, Attacker, Tank, or Support)
- Energy Capacity — measurement showing how much Energy the Mech can provide to its Weapons. The total Energy Cost of all Weapons on a Mech cannot exceed the Mech's Energy Capacity
- Ability — a unique ability the Mech can activate
- HP (Health Points) — measurement showing how much Damage the Mech can take
- Speed — measurement showing how quickly the Mech can move
- Ability Cooldown — time required to recharge the Mech's Ability before activating it again
- Power — an approximation of the Mech's strength in combat (HP, ability, speed, etc.)
- Power Rating — measurement of how strong your Mech is with all of its equipped Weapons


You can go to your Inventory and tap on any Mech to check out its strengths and weaknesses:



Pilots are special in-game characters that can be paired with a Mech to boost its damage & HP stats.

How to add a Pilot:


How to remove a Pilot:


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