Pilots are special in-game characters that can be paired with a Mech to boost its damage & HP stats.

Each Pilot also has an Innate Skill, which is a specialization in a particular Weapon Type. The specialization of a Pilot cannot be changed.

Your Pilot's Rarity, Rank, and Level influence the following stats:

  • Damage value increases depending on the Pilot's Level
  • HP value increases depending on the Pilot's Rank
  • Pilot's Rarity defines the number of Implant Slots


Pilots come in 3 Rarities:

  • Rare Pilots: can be purchased for Credits
  • Epic Pilots: can be purchased for A-Coins
  • Legendary Pilots: can be purchased for A-Coins

A Pilot can be paired only with one Mech in your Hangar. And it is not possible to have two duplicate Pilots.

Where to get Pilots:

Upon reaching 1000 XP, you receive a free Pilot Erika Redding "RED" and get access to other Pilots in:

  • Inventory
  • Rare, Epic, Legendary Pilots
  • Shop Offers - Rare, Epic, Legendary Pilots
  • Battle Pass - Epic Pilots



Install an Implant on your Pilot to increase their bonus stats.

Implants are grouped according to their specialization: Attack and Ability.


  • Atack Implants increase the damage value of a Weapon.
  • Ability Implants increase the value of Mech's Ability.

Implants also come in 3 different Rarities:

  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Rarity enhances the stats of the Implants.

You can install a Legendary Implant on a Rare Pilot if you want. However, it is impossible to use two identical Implants on the same Pilot.

You can remove the installed Skill Implant. After this action, the Implant will be reset to Rank 1, and you will get back 30% of the Implant Parts used to upgrade it.

If you unequip a Skill Implant using A-Coins, it also becomes an Implant with Rank 1, but you get 100% of Implant Parts used to upgrade it.

How to get Implants:

Implants can be found in Implant Crates:

  • Free Basic Implant Crates are available twice a day
  • Epic Implant Crates are available in the Shop for A-Coins


Each Implant Skill has levels, which can be upgraded with Implant Parts. You can always sell unnecessary Implants and get Implant Parts in return.



  • Pilot XP is used to upgrade Pilots. Each active Pilot can earn Pilot XP in battle.
  • Implant Parts are used for upgrading Implant Rank.
    They are available in Special Offers and can be obtained by selling Implants.
  • Pilot Marks are used for upgrading the Rank of a Pilot.
    They are available in Special Offers or as a reward for Pilot Daily Objectives.

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