Harassment Policy


  • Acceptable behavior
  • Reportable behavior
  • Mute the impolite players
  • How to report harassment
  • Measures we take against the violators

Our games are meant to be highly competitive. One result of this is that users often become highly emotionally invested in the gameplay. We ask that all users treat each other in a manner that keeps the game fun and safe, and hope that you will treat each other with a sense of sportsmanship and respect.

As a real-time massive strategy war-game, conflict is part of the experience. We'd like to clarify where we define the line between gameplay and harassment.


Acceptable Behavior

Any gameplay interactions that fall within the permitted game dynamics, rules, policies, and content guidelines are considered "fair game". Even multiple successive attacks by other players do not by themselves, constitute harassment. Some players are predatory - and this is simply a game-play decision.

We understand that multiple incoming attacks from a player can be frustrating and distract from the normal gaming process, but it is part of the gameplay.

A massive flow of attacks is not a violation but a reason to close the ranks. Use our Community Pages for communicating with senior members of our game community for defensive tips and strategies. You may also focus on forming alliances or joining a larger Clan to counteract the attackers.


Reportable Behavior

When attacks are accompanied by verbal abuse, threats of physical harm, profanity, racism or any other language or behaviour that violates our policies, then this becomes a different matter.

If you feel that you are under an immediate credible physical threat, first, forward the threat directly to Facebook Support and/or to local law enforcement. Then contact Plarium Team.

In non-critical situations, we ask that you report these situations to the offender’s Clan Leader, designated game community administrator, or to Plarium Staff directly via our Help Desk ticketing system. These cases will be investigated on a case-by-case basis and dealt with accordingly. We ask that you take steps not to engage in baiting behaviour, avoid escalating the situation, and keep detailed records of suspected harassment.


Mute the impolite players

Use the “Block User” command while reading your Mail messages. The simple use of this command will effectively eliminate the messages of the specified player on your blacklist and in most cases end a potentially unsettling incident.


You may also contact the player’s Clan leader to report the issue.


How to report harassment

If you have taken all precautions as described above, and still feel you are being victimized, you can report this to our Support Team. We will then review the incident to the extent of our available resources, and may request further evidence or contact the other party. Submitting your claim, remember to add:

  • actual coordinates of the violator
  • supporting information
  • screenshots

Measures we take against the violators

If a player is found to be violating the harassment policy:

  • First a warning will be issued against continuing the offending behavior
    Continued behavior will result in the offending party being banned from using in-game messages for 3 days.
  • Continued behavior will result in the offending party being banned from using in-game messages for 3 weeks.
  • Further violations will result in the offending party being permanently banned from using in-game messages

Furthermore, we reserve the right to terminate or suspend the offending party’s ability to send messages or to access any or all of the Games at any time.

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