Mechanics of the Prizes

Prizes are one of the most exciting elements of the gameplay which allows you to earn valuable troops, items and experience points.

Please refer to the following article to learn more about their mechanics and why you lose some troops before you receive the rewards.

How my reward is calculated

Calculation of the reward is performed according to the special algorithm. In particular, the reward calculations are based off of losses of your troops.

The reward system is randomized, therefore, it is hard to predict the exact Prize which will bring the next big reward.

I attacked several Prizes in a row and got only intermediate rewards

The distance between big rewards is pretty long, in some cases, it may be accumulated for more than a month of active play. At the same time, you can receive rewards for each successfully raided or defended Prize. These intermediate rewards are also calculated basing on your total losses and constitute a part of your general reward.

The reward system considers all of your invested units and each completed Prize increases the chance to receive a great reward.

Are all my troops considered for my general reward?

All units of all types are considered while calculating your rewards.

The specific completed Prize can bring fewer troops than it was invested while combating with King Carlos’ IV army at it. However, these killed troops will be surely be considered for the future rewards.

It passed a long time after my last reward. When can I expect my next reward?

After getting a big reward you always get into the period when you should be ready to invest some troops before receiving the next recompense.

However, intermediate rewards will allow you to refill the ranks of your army regularly. They are also a part of your general bonus, so please also consider them while making your calculations.

The higher level of the Prize you hit, the harder challenges you face. This is why it is important to select the appropriate tactics for hitting Battlegrounds.

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