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A player can earn one Sketch per day for logging into the game or purchase it with the rubies and Idols. The Sketches can be traded, sold and used to research Discoveries.

Here you can find useful information about the Sketches and how a player can use them:

  • When a player sells or exchanges the Sketches, he/she will not retain a copy.
  • Sketches disappear upon discovery of the discovery they were required for (if a player has more than one Sketch of the same type, he/she will be able to sell/exchange them later).
  • If a player uses the "Sell All Sketches" option in the Research Center, he/she will irreversibly sell all available Sketches.
  • If a player extends an offer on the Market, the Sketch will become unavailable for three days. To cancel the offer, a player has to open the Market - Galleons tab and click on the "Delete" button next to the offer in the "Loaded Galleons" section.

Please note that the Tinker does not provide Sketches for Steam Units. These special Sketches must be purchased with Idols, which can only be obtained in Tournaments and Adventure Prizes. Once you have earned Idols, you may use them at the Smuggler’s Den to purchase Sketches for Steam Units.


Daily Crew Roster
All bonuses for the Daily Duty Roster are credited to your account right at the moment when you log into the game. Having entered the game, you can see your balance with already added Rubies.

The game server updates Daily Duty Roster at 00:00 UTC. If you are in the game at this time, Rubies will be immediately added to your account.

Items that are included in the rewards are stored in the Smuggler’s Den. E.g., Resources are stored in the “Resources” tab.

If you can't find your reward upon receiving it, please restart the game and check one more time.


Tournament & Quest Rewards
Tournaments and Quests can grant generous rewards, provided that a player completes all requirements. Rewards that you can receive for completing Quests and Tournaments can be divided into three subcategories:

  • In-game currency
  • Items
  • Units

Items that are included in the rewards are stored in the Smuggler’s Den (e.g., Resources are stored in the “Resources” tab).


Free activator for level-up of Prestige Status
If your Prestige Status is active at the moment when your Smuggler’s Den.


The additional carrying capacity of Galleons
You can add +100% to the initial carrying capacity of your Galleons using Idols in the Smuggler’s Den. In total, you can buy ten items, each of those grants +10% to the carrying capacity. They will be removed from the available offers in the Smuggler’s Den as soon as you purchase them all.


Full Protection got deactivated
Full Protection will be instantly deactivated if the protected player raids or blockades any haven on the map. At that, he/she gets a pop-up notification with a warning.


Reward packs for Brotherhood Adventures
Brotherhood Adventures grant rewards for team work. A player can earn up to four Reward Packs during a single Mission, namely: Basic, Standard, Elite and Exclusive Packs. They are stored in the Special tab in the Smuggler’s Den.

After 72 hours (from the moment it was added to the Smuggler’s Den) the Reward Pack expires, and a player will not be able to open it anymore. Make sure to open yours every day to maximize the rewards.

A player receives the Reward Packs not when the Adventure ends, but at the moment when Brotherhood fulfills requirements for each Pack. It means that you can open the Reward Packs when the Adventure is still in progress. Often players are getting confused because when the Mission ends a list of unlocked Reward Packs is displayed again, even though a player has already opened all Packs.

How it works:

  1. Your Brotherhood receives the Adventure.
  2. You and your Brotherhood-mates earn the required amount of the points to get the Basic pack.
  3. You receive the Basic pack, it is added directly to your Smuggler’s Den.
  4. You continue participating in the Adventure.
  5. You and your Brotherhood-mates earn the required amount of the points to get the Standard pack.
  6. You receive the Standard pack, it is added directly to your Smuggler’s Den and so on.

If you can't find the Reward Packs in the Special tab on the Smuggler’s Den, it means that you have already opened them earlier.


Relics can be either Permanent or Temporary. Build a Skeleton Cave to use either type. You can disengage and drag activated Permanent Relics back to Chamber of Relics at any time for later use, but Temporary Relics are consumable items and are active for a fixed period – once activated, they can't be moved back to the Chamber of Relics. If you exchange one Activated Temporary Relic for a new one, the old one will automatically be deleted.

You can now sell Relics you don't want to use for Resources. To do so, go to the Skeleton Cave, select a Relic you would like to sell, and click the “Sell” button.


Combining of Potions
All Barrels acquired will be sent to the Storage in the Alchemist's Shop, where you can open them and collect your Potions.

You can increase the size and potency of your Potions by combining any two of the same level and type, thus granting you a new Potion of a higher level. By repeating this process, you can upgrade Potions up to a maximum Level of 12. The higher the level of the Potion, the better the bonus it will grant to your forces once activated.

If you select the option “Combine All”, then the maximum amount of Potions will be combined, creating higher level Potions. E.g., I have many Potions of the same type, let’s call it type “A,” and with different levels and select “Combine All”:

  • Two Potions of lvl. 1 get combined into one lvl. 2 Potion.
  • The combining algorithm checks if I have other two other Potions of type “A” and with the same level.
  • “No” - lvl. 2 Potion is added to the Storage.
  • “Yes” - two lvl. 2 Potions of type “A” get combined into one lvl. 3 Potion of type “A.”
  • The combining algorithm checks if I have other two other Potions of type “A” and with the same level.
  • “No” - lvl. 3 Potion is added to the Storage.
  • “Yes” - two lvl. 3 Potions of type “A” get combined into one lvl. 4 Potion of type “A” and so on.


Accidental purchase, usage or selling of Items

Purchase, usage or selling (Sketches, Relics, etc.) of item or resource pack is an irreversible action. Accidental items purchases are not returnable and not eligible for reimbursement.


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