How can I find my missing troops?


Quick guide how to locate your troops

  • Haven
    Use filters on the upper panel to separate your Units from the reinforcements of the allies.

  • Harbour
    Troops will go right into the Harbour automatically in the following cases:
    - you activated Auto Crew Hider;
    - they return from the Treasure Island after its depletion;
    - the Haven you attacked changed its location.


  • Territories
    Look over the squads stationed at the blockaded Havens, captured Targets and Treasure Islands.

  • Garrisons
    Review the troops stationed as reinforcement at Presidios, Brotherhood Bastions, and Havens.

  • Underway
    Revise the troops en route to a target or back to your Haven.

  • Warfare reports
    Check out warfare reports from the Master at Arms. Your Units could be killed in battles.


The number of the stored battle reports is limited. New battle reports replace the old ones if the limit is reached. You get much more warfare reports when your Brotherhood participates in multiple battles on Presidios and the Brotherhood Bastions. Some of these reports will be replaced with the new ones before you manage to read them. Try checking all available reports at the earliest possible moment.


Bonus troops for events and quests
Units which you get as a reward for completion of Quests, Tournaments, personal or Brotherhood achievements are added directly into the Harbour.


Bonus troops from the Prizes
Units which you get as a reward will marsh to your Haven together with the main battle squad returning from the Prize.


The force of my army in the Brethren Court Statistics has recently decreased
It does not always mean that some of your troops were destroyed when you check the Brethren Court Statistics and notice that Defensive or Offensive force of your troops has decreased.

How it works:

  • Brethren Court Statistics get updated once per 3 hours.
  • All Defence and Offence bonuses for the battle characteristics of your units, except for bonus from the Legendary troops, are counted toward the Statistics tab in the Embassy. The bonus from the Legendary troops is applied right at the moment when the battle occurs.
  • It compares the current total Offence and Defence power of your Units with the total power of your Units at the time of your latest activity last week. This type of Statistics is maintained within 7 days: from Sunday 00:00 UTC till Sunday 00:00 UTC.

Let's say, at the latest login time last Sunday, you had Units worth 1 million of Offensive points in total. What you will see in the Brotherhood Statistics is the result of comparison of your current Unit power with its value on the previous week.


The value of your Defence and Offence stats can decrease because some bonuses deactivated:

  • You have extracted Potion from the Storage in the Alchemist’s Shop.
  • You have swapped or removed some Relics from the activation slots in the Skeleton Cave.
  • Action time of the Defense and Offense Enhancer has expired.
  • Action time of the Prestige Status has deactivated.

E.g., if you had an active Prestige Status at the time of the last action in the last week, but now is already expired, you can see that the total power of your troops decreased even though you had not engaged in any Battle.


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