How do I use multiple accounts in Plarium Play?

It is possible to log into more than one account in Plarium Play, enabling you to quickly switch between them without having to log out and back in each time.


How to add a new account

1. Open Plarium Play.

2. Start by hovering your mouse over your avatar in the bottom left corner. When three dots appear, click on them.


3. Click "Add Account" and log in. After logging in, your added account will appear on the list:


Note: you can add up to 10 accounts.


Check the "Keep me logged in" checkbox to be able to quickly switch between your Plarium play accounts:



How to switch accounts

1. Find your avatar and click on the three dots again.

2. All the accounts you've logged into will appear. Just click one to switch.


Note: you can't switch between accounts while a game is running, downloading, or updating.


How to remove an account

1. To manage your accounts, you'll need to log out of the one you're currently using:


2. This will open the account selection window where you need to click "Remove Accounts":


3. Select an account you won't be using anymore and click the x icon to remove it:


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