Why can't I activate two-factor authentication?

If you're having trouble activating two-factor authentication, please follow the steps below.

First, make sure your email address is confirmed. You can find instructions on how to do it in this article.
Please note that only valid email addresses can be confirmed. If your email address isn't valid, contact our Support Team.

If you used a Facebook, Twitch, Google, or Microsoft account to sign up, make sure to add an email address to your account and set a password by doing the following:

1. Open "Settings" on the sidebaren1.png
2. Select the "Security" tab
3. Click the "Add password" buttonen2.jpg
4. Set your email address (if there's none) and passworden3.jpg

Once that's done, try enabling two-factor authentication by following the instructions here.

If that still doesn't work, please contact our Support Team.

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