Create a Clan and work together with other players to fight against the Ice Queen and Clans of other Lord Marshals. Clans allow players to unite with their allies as a well-organized team under one collective name, banner, and work towards the same goals.

You must advance to Level 5 before you can join a Clan, and Level 10 before you can create one.

You may join a Clan in any the following ways:

Once you've reached Level 5, you may become a Trainee in a Clan's Academy without sending an Application; but only if the Clan has the space to train new players in their Academy (the number of spaces for Trainees is limited to 10). To do so, go to the Clan Hall and open the "Join Clan" tab. If you haven't decided which Clan or Academy to apply for, press "Join Random Clan". This will place you within an open Clan based on your language preferences and Stronghold location. You can be a member of only 1 Clan at a time. To join another Clan, you must first leave your current Clan.

If you create your own Clan, it will automatically have an Academy to educate Trainees.

How to Create and Manage a Clan

Creating A Clan

Go to the Clan Hall, open the "My Clan" tab, enter a unique name for your Clan, design a unique custom banner and pay a set amount of Emeralds to create a new Clan.

Clan Management

The Clan Ranks are as follows: Chief, Advisor, Elder, Veteran, Envoy, Warrior, Spymaster, Shield, Sword, Worm Food, and Trainee. Some of the features in the "My Clan" window are only available to the Chief, Advisor, and Elder.

You may manage your Clan in the following ways:

1. By editing the Clan description or terms and conditions for joining the Clan. This information will be displayed to all players in the list of Clans. This feature is available only to Chiefs

2. Accept or decline requests to join the Clan. To view all requests, go to the "My Clan" tab and click the "Applicants". This feature is available only to Chiefs and Advisors

3. Send Clan invitations. Go to another Stronghold and click the "'Invite to Coalition" button.

4. Set and edit Clan Rank for Clan members. Open the "My Clan" tab, and press the button next to a player's Clan Rank icon, then set the new Clan Rank for this player. Chiefs can appoint Advisors to assist them in managing the Clan. Advisors cannot appoint other Advisors or edit the current Chief's and Advisors' Clan Ranks. This feature is available only to Chiefs, Advisors and Elders.

5. Remove players from Clan. Open the "My Clan" tab and press the "X" button in the action list. This feature is available only for Chiefs and Advisors. Advisors cannot remove the other Advisors and Chiefs from the Clan.

6. Designate a new Chief. Click the button next to a player's Clan Rank icon and set their rank to Chief.

7. Dissolve the Clan. Open the "My Clan" tab and remove all players from the Clan, including yourself.

Clan Achievements

Clan Achievements are optional challenges that require the joint efforts of all Clan Members. Upon completion of each Achievement, each Clan will be rewarded with a Clan-wide Bonus that will give them a significant edge over their competitors, along with additional perks for each participating Clan Member. These may include Units, permanent modifications to their Stronghold or Unit statistics, or other features.

All Clan Achievements feature multiple levels. Upon completion of each Achievement Level, your Clan will be rewarded with increasingly large Bonuses. After completing the all an Achievement's Levels, the Achievement will be rated "Gold". When a Clan has completed all Achievements at the "Gold" rating, either the Chief or an Advisor may take a screenshot of their Achievements (taken at the Clan Hall) and submit it to the Plarium support team to get a unique Clan logo.

There are 14 Clan Achievements:

1. Keepers of the Flame

To complete this Achievement, a Clan must hold the specified number of Level 5 Obelisks simultaneously for a minimum of 15 uninterrupted minutes.

2. Conquerors

To complete this Achievement, a Clan must conquer the indicated number of Level 5 enemy Obelisks.

3. Iron Grip

To complete this Achievement, a Clan must use Obelisks to control the specified area of Shingårdian territory for at least 15 uninterrupted minutes.

4. Dragon Slayers

To complete this Achievement, a Clan must destroy the indicated number of Dragons (excluding Drakling Scouts) at enemy Obelisks.

5. Sorcerers

Complete this Achievement by using the indicated quantity of Elixir to upgrade your Units.

6. Storm Bringers

To complete this Achievement, several Clan Members must simultaneously feature in the Top 10 Battleground Rankings.

7. Warriors of Steel

A Clan must recruit the indicated number of Lord Marshals to complete this Achievement.

8. Decimators

To complete this Achievement, a Clan must downgrade enemy Obelisks by the total number of Levels indicated. (For example, if you are required to downgrade 500 Obelisk Levels in total, you may weaken 500 Obelisks by 1 Level each, or 100 Obelisks by 5 levels each, etc.)

9. Trueblood Warriors

To complete this Achievement, a Clan must train Units that are worth the indicated number of Power Points.

10. Liberators

To complete this Achievement, a Clan must earn the indicated number of Points by attacking or defending Battlegrounds

11. Dragon Kin

To complete this Achievement, a Clan must gain the specified amount of Resources from Raids.

12. Heroes of Shingård

To complete this Achievement, a Clan must complete the set number of Daily Offerings.

13. Battle Frenzy

To complete this Achievement, a Clan must destroy rival Units (other players' Units) that are worth the indicated number of Power Points.

14. Kings of the Mountain

To complete this Achievement, a Clan must upgrade the indicated number of Obelisk Levels.

Power Points

Power Points are a unique value assigned to each Unit in the game, based on and relative to its respective Offensive or Defensive value. Power Points are used to make progress towards certain Achievements, and also play a significant role in the base calculation for experience points earned during battles.

Achievement Bonuses

There are two kinds of Achievement Bonuses – Clan Bonuses and Individual Bonuses.

Clan Bonuses

These are awarded to a Clan collectively upon the successful completion of a Clan Achievement. These Bonuses can take the form of Ranking Point boosts in the Clan Rankings, or Clan-wide bonuses to Unit or Stronghold statistics for all participating Clan Members. Clan Bonuses earned while being a Member of one Clan are non-transferable, and cannot be retained upon leaving that Clan. Clan Members joining a Clan after it has earned an Achievement will not enjoy the benefits of any existing Clan Bonuses. If you leave your Clan and join another one, you will be able to receive Clan Achievement bonuses only after you have been in that Clan for 7 days or more.

Individual Bonuses

These are your personal rewards for assisting your Clan in completing a Clan Achievement – these can take the form of free Units or special items. To claim your Bonus, click on the highlighted "Claim Reward" button in the "My Clan" section of the Clan Hall once your Clan has successfully completed an Achievement. Individual Bonuses are one-time offers and, like Clan Bonuses, cannot be used or earned again once you've left the Clan in which you received it, even if your new Clan earns a similar Clan Achievement.

To view the list of Clan Achievements, along with their Terms and Bonuses, go to the "My Clan" tab in the Clan Hall.

Clan Influence & Influence Points

Influence Points are used to determine a Clan's position in the Clan Rankings.

Influence Points are calculated as follows:

1. By converting the territory of a Clan's conquered Obelisks into Influence Points. A 1:100 ratio is used for conversion, so 1 sq. km of territory equals 100 Influence Points;

2. By taking into account the bonus from a Clan's Achievements. Completing Achievements gives the Clan a percentage bonus that is applied to their Influence Points.

3. Each Achievement has its own additional reward, in terms of Influence Points, that will be added to a Clan's total number of Influence Points after the percentage bonus is factored in.

For example:

Clan A controls 2 Obelisks that currently give them control of 10,000 sq. km of territory. The Clan also has a few Achievements that increase their score by 5%. Its territory is converted into Influence Points, then the 5% bonus from the Achievements is applied, yielding 1,050,000 Influence Points. Again, each Achievement also carries an additional reward in terms of Influence Points, which is then added to give the total Influence Points. In this case, the rewards that this Clan had earned from various Achievements amounted to 100, meaning that the Clan's total amount of Influence Points is 1,050,100.


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