Your Champion is your greatest and most important Unit, and they will bear all the bonuses for your Units. Champions influence the layout of your Stronghold on the Map and view of your Keep. You can have only one Champion at a time, but you can change Champions and change your Champion's name at any time.

Changing Champion And Name

To choose your Champion, go to the "Inventory" tab of your Champion Panel and press the "Select Champion" button. Then, make your choice and click Apply. Remember: you'll need the Champion Selector Item to change your Champion. You can get it at the Black Market.

To change your Champion's Name, go to the "Inventory" tab of your Champion Panel and press the button with a pen image on it, next to the Champion's current name. Enter the name you like to be displayed in the game and press "Apply". Remember: you'll need a special Name Change Item to be able to rename your Champion. You can those at the Black Market, too.

Champion Panel

The Champion Panel contains three tabs:

1. Inventory. This tab contains all the Equipment Items, Equipment Chests, and special Keys. Here you can see which bonuses your Items provide for your Units. Equip your Champion by dragging an Item into one of the Slots surrounding your Champion. As mentioned, you can also change your Champion and their name from here.

2. Skills. You can apply your Skill Points to nodes on your Skill Tree to upgrade Skills. The various Skills strengthen your Units' statistics, improve your Stronghold or grant other handy bonuses.

3. Profile. Here you can find all the information and statistics for your Stronghold - Units, Defensive buildings, your Resources (broken down to show Resource production, bonuses, Storehouse and Alehouse capacity), your Fireborn status, and Diplomacy. You can also change your Champion and their name from here, as well as the "Inventory" tab.

Equipment - Overview

Equipment Items are special Items that can be found throughout Shingård and recovered in battles. They affect different attributes of your Units, granting either a Defensive or an Offensive bonus. Offensive Items in the game include Weapons, Gloves, Boots, and some of the Rings, while Helmets, Shields, Armor and the rest of the Rings are Defensive.

The strength of a piece of Equipment's attributes is proportional to its rarity (from least to most rare: Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary). The harder it is to find, the stronger the Item's effect. Moreover, Equipment Items can have an effect on one or several Unit races (being Northmen, Orcs, Elves, and Dragons). To see the Equipment's statistics, press on the item.

Inventory and Temporary Inventory

You have two Inventories - Permanent and Temporary. From the beginning, you have 18 slots in your Permanent Inventory. All the Items gained in battle will automatically go there. Once the Permanent Inventory is full, items will instead be sent to the Temporary Inventory, at which point a timer will begin counting down to the moment when the Equipment Item's loss. If the Temporary Inventory is full, obtaining a new Item will automatically push the oldest Item from your Temporary Inventory to make room for it. If you feel that you need more space for Equipment, you can purchase additional rows of slots by clicking on them.

Some of the Equipment Items might come in special Chests.

To equip your Champion, simply DRAG the Item into one of the slots surrounding the Champion. Each slot corresponds to the Item type.

Chests and Keys

There are 4 types of Chests:

1. Northman Chests contain Equipment that will grant bonuses (either Offensive or Defensive) to Northmen.

2. Orcish Chests contain Equipment that will grant bonuses (either Offensive or Defensive) to both Northmen and Orcs.

3. Elven Chests contain Equipment that will grant bonuses (either Offensive or Defensive) to Northmen, Orcs, and Elves.

4. Dragon Chests contain Equipment that will grant bonuses (either Offensive or Defensive) to Northmen, Orcs, Elves, and Dragons.

Each Chest contains one Equipment item.

Opening Chests requires Special Keys, which you can win in the game or get from the Black Market. To choose a Key that will open a given Chest, click on the Chest and look at the Item's Rarity and the Chest name – combining them will tell you which Key is needed. e.g. If the Chest is an Orcish Chest and the Rarity is Epic, then you will need an Orcish Key with a Rarity of Epic to open it.

Breaking and Upgrading Equipment

Equipment Items can be upgraded to improve the bonuses they give.

Breaking Items Into Shards

To upgrade an Item, you will need Shards. You can obtain Shards by breaking down other pieces of Equipment. You can choose which Item you would like to break – typically, one that is of little strategic value to you, or one of a lower level. The higher the level of the Item, the more Shards it will yield when broken.

To break the Item, simply click on the selected Item and press "Break". Breaking Equipment into Shards takes time. The number of Shards you have is displayed above the Inventory.

Upgrading Equipment

When you have enough Shards to upgrade your desired piece of Equipment, click on the selected Item and press "Upgrade". Wait while the upgrade process is complete.


1. Once you click "Break", your Item will begin to break down into smaller pieces. You cannot reverse this action, and thus cannot save your Item once you have initiated the breaking process.

2. Likewise, once you click "Upgrade", your Item will start its transformation. This action cannot be reversed, and the Shards devoted to the upgrade cannot be reapplied to different Items.

3. You can only upgrade or break one Item at a time. As it takes some time to carry out these processes, choose which ones to undertake wisely.

4. You can upgrade or break Equipment ONLY in your Permanent Inventory. If the Item is in the Temporary inventory or your Champion is currently wearing it, you will need to place it in the Permanent Inventory before breaking or upgrading it.

Skills and Skill Points

Over the course of the game, you will earn Skill Points, which can be used to improve the speed, training times and Fire Ale consumption of your Units, among other things.

Receiving Skill Points

Skill Points are granted as you attain higher Experience Levels in the game. The number of Skill Points you'll receive per Level-up will increase over time:

  • Levels 2 – 34 / 2 Skill Points
  • Levels 35 – 64 / 4 Skill Points
  • Levels 65 – 79 / 6 Skill Points
  • Levels 80 + / 8 Skill Points

You can also earn extra Skill Points for successfully attacking or defending higher level Battlegrounds. Skill Points CANNOT be purchased at the Black Market, nor can they be given or traded to other players.

Applying Skill Points

Click the Skills tab in your Champion window to access the Skill Tree. On the Tree you will see that all of your Units are divided into Groups. In order to unlock different Unit attributes and new branches on the Skill Tree, you must progress through each Group sequentially. To get started, use two Skill Points to unlock Group I, by clicking "Unit Group I" and then the "Apply" button. You'll notice that applying each Skill Point takes time – with each additional Point you apply to a Unit, the time taken increases.

Redistributing Skill Points

Once you've applied your Skill Points, you will only get ONE CHANCE to remove or recover them for FREE.

To remove a Skill Point, click the "Edit" button at the top the Skill Tree, then click the "-" symbol next to the Skill Point you wish to recover. If you choose to remove a Skill Point, it will automatically be moved back into your Skill Points bag, for reapplication to a different node later. After you have finished selecting any and all Skill Points you wish to recover, click the "Apply" button to make your changes permanent.

After your one free edit, you must pay with Emeralds to make any further changes. The price will increase each time.

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