Battlegrounds. Overview

Battlegrounds are special locations that require your military intervention. Successfully completing these allows you to:

  • Liberate new Units above your current Blood Pact Level
  • Recover additional Resources
  • Earn Experience points
  • Receive Equipment Items and Rune Sacks

Be advised - while many Battlegrounds may offer valuable prizes (Resources or new Units), some will offer less rewards. Evaluate your goals and current strength carefully before engaging, and do not waste Units you cannot afford to lose. Each Battleground you gain victory over counts towards your eventual payout. Each skipped payout increases your odds of receiving higher bonus on your next attempt.

Every Battleground has its own Level, indicating the approximate size and strength of the enemy force. You may attack the same Battleground as many times as necessary in order to destroy all hostile Units.

All Battlegrounds can be viewed from your Battle Menu, on the "Battlegrounds" tab.

IMPORTANT: You will receive the first 12 Battlegrounds at 00:00 UTC each day – 6 Offensive and 6 Defensive. If you manage to defeat 6 of either the Defensive or Offensive Battlegrounds that day, we'll give you 6 more, including a new Level-up Battleground. We'll even throw in one Level-Up Battleground of the other type for good measure!

Example: If you defeat all 6 available Defensive Battlegrounds, you will receive a further 6 Defensive Battlegrounds, along with ONE Offensive Level-up Battleground. If you still have 6 Offensive Battlegrounds available at the time of the refresh, one of them will be substituted for the new Offensive Level-up Battleground.

Saga Quest Battlegrounds

Saga Quest Battlegrounds are specific Battlegrounds that are part of Saga Quests; these Battlegrounds do not count towards your daily total.

Level-up Battlegrounds

The only difference between level-up Battlegrounds and other Battlegrounds that you can find in your Battle Menu is that a level-up Battleground will always be of a higher level than the rest. Defeating a Level-up Battleground increases your maximum Battleground Level by 1. If your highest Battleground Level is 5, and you defeat it, your next group of Battlegrounds will include a level-up Battleground of level 6, and so on.

Upgrading the Orcish Dirigible has no effect on the number of detected Battlegrounds, but will allow you to detect more Stashes on the Map.





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