How can I find my missing Units?

If you notice that you do not have as many Units as you thought, or if Units are not where you thought they were, you should go to your Keep to check the following tabs:

  • "At Castle": from this tab you can determine which Units in your Castle actually belong to you and which ones were sent to your Castle as Reinforcements.
  • "Garrisons": it is possible that you sent Units as Reinforcements to a Beacon, a League Fortress, or to another Castle. If they are still alive, they will be shown in this tab.
  • "In Transit": your Units may be en route to or from your Castle.

Additionally, make sure to check your Catacombs. Units are sent to the Catacombs automatically in the following cases:

  • when the Auto Unit Hider active
  • when they return from a depleted Hamlet
  • when the Hamlet they have attacked becomes vacant
  • when a Castle they were about to attack changes its position on the map

It may also be a good idea to check your recent Battle Reports, in case your Units have fallen bravely in their search for glory. The maximum number of Reports you can store is currently 100. After this limit has been reached, Reports on new Battles will automatically replace the old ones.

Please note that when your League is involved in combat at Beacons, the number of the incoming Battle Reports will increase dramatically. Therefore, we recommend that you read all available Reports as soon as possible.

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