How do Battlegrounds work?

Battlegrounds are one of the most exciting elements of the game, allowing you to earn valuable Units, Hero Equipment, and Experience Points.

The following article is designed to answer the most frequently asked questions about Battleground mechanics.


How my reward is calculated?

In basic terms, Rewards are calculated according to Unit losses. However, the algorithm that defines the size and contents of any given Reward is randomized, meaning that no two Battlegrounds will yield the same Reward, even if they are of the same Level. This means that the largest Rewards can be difficult to come by.


I attacked several Battlegrounds in a row, but none of the Rewards were large ones. Why?

Due to the random element of the Reward system, it can occur that players play for over a month without receiving massive Rewards. In other cases, such Rewards occur during consecutive Battles. In more objective terms, the Reward system considers all of your invested Units, and each completed Battleground increases the likelihood of receiving a massive Reward. Keep fighting and you will get there!


Are all fallen Units taken into account?

All Units of all types (including Legendary, Darkened, and Eldritch Units) are considered while calculating your Reward size.

Sometimes it can feel as if Rewards are disproportionate to the losses sustained at a given Battleground. Please note that ALL fallen Units are included in the Reward equation and will count for future Rewards, if not always the Reward from the battle in which they fall.

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