How can I change my home Kingdom?

To do so, you need the Carriage item, which can be obtained as a reward in Tournaments or purchased in the Bank.

How do I use the Carriage item?

1. Select the World Map icon on the right.
2. Choose the Kingdom you want to permanently relocate to and hit the "Go to" button.
3. Select any unoccupied tile in the Kingdom and hit the "Relocate" button.

If you have fulfilled all the requirements for relocation, your Town will move to the new Kingdom, which will become your home Kingdom.

The number of Carriages required for relocation depends on the place you will take in the Power ranking of the new Kingdom. The higher your position, the more Carriages you'll need.

You can use Carriages once a month. During some Tournaments and holidays, however, they can be used once every three days. We inform you about any changes in the news.

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