My Food is red. What should I do?

Your Food is red because your troops are consuming more Food than the Town is producing. To find out how much of this resource your Farms are generating, open the Statistics tab in the Palace and select the Economy section.

If the amount of Food is zero, don't worry – nothing will happen to your warriors. However, you won't be able to train new warriors or initiate other processes that require Food in the Town.

How can I fix this?

- Increase the production of Food in your Town. Build new Farms or upgrade the existing ones. Conduct Studies and upgrade your Hero's Skills and the Inquisitor Adrian Architect's Doctrines. Activate Boosts in the Food Production and Food Economy categories.

- Dismiss troops you don't need. This will decrease Food consumption. Open the Council Hall, go to the "In the Town" tab, select the type and number of warriors you want to get rid of, and hit the "Dismiss" button.

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