What should I do if my Town is attacked by players who are stronger than me?

Attacks on Towns are the main mechanics of the game. Stronger players attack weaker ones to take their resources and earn points in Tournaments. However, weaker players can organize a Raid and take revenge on the strong.

To successfully fight stronger players, join an active Order, develop your Town, increase your Power, train your warriors, craft equipment, conduct Studies, and upgrade your Hero's Skills and Inquisitor's Doctrines.

You can develop without spending any money: pass checkpoints in Tournaments and receive Gold, Boosts, and ducats. If you buy packs in the Bank, you will develop faster.

If you don't want to participate in battles, activate Inaccessibility, a Boost that protects your Town. While you are yielding resources, use the Safe Conduct item, a Boost that protects your troops in resource locations.

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