Shelter Building

Shelter building is one of the key game features.

There are three types of buildings in the game:
- Furniture
- Shelter
- Protection

Furniture is the core of your settlement. The two most essential pieces of furniture are your bed and the Signal Fire.

The bed will cleanse Curse Points and restore your HP, Hunger, and Thirst meters.


The Signal Fire lets you access the World Map, discover new Locations, and participate in Global Chat. Thus, it's the key to gathering resources and experience. Your Shelter starts to grow outwards from here.


Workstations, a subcategory of furniture, are the primary source of resources and the place where you craft valuable items. You need them to build walls, floors, weapons, and armor, repair weapons and armor, unlock stolen chests, grow and cook food, etc.



To place your furniture, you will need a floor under your feet.
To find it, click the house icon on the right-hand side of the screen and select the tab "Shelter". Also, you will find there Trunks for storage and Walls to create your home.



The third type of buildings - Protection - helps you protect your home from other Exiles. Build Palisades and Spawners, and summon Guardian Spirits to defend your Shelter and your hard-earned loot.

The Eastern Marches is a dangerous and hostile place. All three types of these buildings will be needed to survive and perhaps even thrive in the desolate lands of Saga of Survival.

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