Create your Exile

Upon starting a new game, you first get to create your character. This is when you decide who will survive in the harsh world of Saga of Survival.

You can choose between a male or a female. Among the other available preferences, you can also decide:
- Skin color
- Hairstyle and color
- Tattoo style and color

This way, you can personalise your character and make it distinctive and unique.


You can always change any unique trait in your character later in the game.

To do so, please:
1. Start Saga of Survival and click on your avatar
2. Open the Charaсter tab
3. Choose the appearance you like the most


In the same tab, you can change your in-game avatar and character name at any time.


More useful information about the gameplay basics that will help you get started can be found in the "Beginner's Guide" article on the Saga of Survival Wiki, created by our dedicated community. 

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