I haven't received my reward for the Tournament

A player can participate in different Tournaments while playing the game. Tournaments can provide a player with generous rewards, provided that he/she plays actively and collects Tournament Points. Each Tournament lasts for a limited amount of time and a player can claim the rewards upon its ending.

A player will not receive the rewards if he/she:

  1. Didn't manage to earn a minimal required amount of Tournament Points.
  2. Isn't a permanent Clan member and haven't passed the 7 Day Trial Period (this rule is applied only to the Clan Tournaments).

Please note that if player's current rank in the Clan is "Recruit" or the 7 Day Trial Period ended when more than 50% of the Tournament's duration has already passed, he/she will not be able to contribute Tournament Points in the Clan Tournaments.

Rewards that a player can receive can be divided into three categories:

  • In-game currency
  • Items
  • Units

Here you can find the information on where to look for your well-deserved reward:

  • In-game currency is added directly to the balance of a player.
  • Items are stored in the Market (e.g. Defense Enhancer item is stored in the Market > Special tab).
  • Units are sent directly into the Bunker.

Don't forget that the Resources that a player receives are added in form of Packs. Packs are stored in the Market > Resources tab and a player has to activate them prior to using the Resources.

If you can't find your reward upon claiming it, please restart the game and check one more time.

We hope that this information was helpful and that you will always receive maximal rewards in the Tournaments!

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