Ultimate Loading Troubleshoot

If you experience any of the issues below, please perform the Standard Loading Troubleshoot step-by-step. Please proceed to the next step if the previous one didn't help (~10 minutes):

  • Game does not load
  • Game stuck at 80-90%
  • Black or White Screen
  • Lagging or Slow performance

1. If you play on Plarium Play: Reset the cache in the Plarium Play application and update the game again. To reset the cache, open Plarium Play > Settings > Troubleshooting > Press the button "Reset cache". If you play on another Desktop Application, reinstall the application.

2. If that does not help, please install all the Windows 7 updates that are available in "Windows Update" on your PC. Or upgrade your Windows version to the higher one.

3. Check if the newest version of Net. Framework is installed on your PC. You can find it here.

4. If you have problems installing the application, please temporarily disable the antivirus protection on your PC.

5. Sometimes installing and enabling a VPN on your PC may also help to enter the game.

If the troubleshoots given above dіd not help, please submit a request to the Team by this link.

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