Battle outcome. Core points & insights

Discover more information about the most important factors, which affect battle outcome and damage output.


General information & core factors that influence combat outcome
The overall Defense/Offense strength of both sides define the outcome of each battle. In addition to the number of Units, the strength of the army is also determined by numerous factors:

  • Each unit's individual statistics
  • The Player's relative Castle Defense bonuses
  • Buffs that directly affect unit's strength
  • Permanent unit bonuses
  • Bonuses of Crystals
  • Champion bonuses
  • Bonuses of Hero's items
  • Dragon bonuses
  • Bonuses of Paragon Status
  • Bonuses of the League Fortress Knowledge
  • Allied Reinforcements
  • Bonuses of Relics
  • Bonuses of League Achievements


Peculiarities of some combat types

Castle. When your own land makes you stronger
Experienced defenders know that besides bonuses from upgrades and items, they have a great advantage when they fight together in their own castles.

Castle Defense Bonus empowers units of the account holder as well as all allied forces stationed in his/her castle. Don’t wonder if you suffer massive losses facing a wall of defensive troops in the castle with fully upgraded defensive structures and multiple decorative buildings.

Beacons. Know your contestant
Each Beacon grants an additional defence bonus to the whole garrison. Its value depends on the Beacon’s upgrade level. Attack of a 5 level Beacon will hardly seem a piece of cake unless you manage to recon which troops are defending it.

League Fortress and its great bonuses
Many Leagues invest much time and resources into the development of Knowledge of their Fortresses. This grants them a big advantage in the form of great bonuses to defensive and offensive stats of troops.

Bonuses you receive from Knowledge are limited by the level of your League Fortress. The higher level Fortress you attack, the higher is the chance to face the heavily-armed forces, which besides all other buffs, are also empowered by bonuses from Knowledge.


Tips and hints
Losses of your contestant in the battle report
If you lose a battle, you can see only those units which you managed to destroy. You cannot see all forces that were fighting against your army that time. If you press on the icon of some hostile unit, you will see its basic combat statistics.

Defense bonus and its impact on the warrior ethos
Every 100 points of the Defense Bonus grant 1% to the stats of the defensive troops stationed in the castle. For instance, if the battle takes place in the castle with 20.000 Defense Bonus, the strength of the defending side will be increased by 200%.

Сorrelation of forces on the battlefield
Battle outcome also depends on the composition of both armies. If Player 1 attacks with Dragons and Player 2 defends with Griffins, which are strong against Bestiary units, Player's 1 losses will be significantly higher.

Recon hostile castles before raids to get the tactical advantage. Forewarned is forearmed!


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