Guide: Clan vs Clan Tournament


A Clan vs Clan Tournament is a competition where two Clans are pitted against each other to compete for rewards. Each Clan earns Points for completing certain activities, and both Clans are able to win rewards just for taking part.

All CvC Tournaments will grant the whole Clan rewards based on their performance during the Tournament. Some special CvC Tournaments will also offer Personal Rewards - these extra rewards are based on your individual contribution.

Regardless of how you earn other rewards, though, whichever Clan earns the most Points will get an extra set of rewards and be declared the winner. The greater the difference between the winning Clan's Points and the losing Clan's Points, the better the rewards will be!

The winner of each matchup will also receive a CvC Trophy attached to their Clan’s profile indicating how many CvC Tournaments they’ve won.

To make things fair and to make the competition fun, each Clan will be pitted against an opposing Clan of similar strength and with similar CvC performance history.

Participation Requirements

There are Clan and individual requirements.

The Tournament will be available to all Clans that meet the following criteria:

  • The Clan must have 10 or more members.
  • The Clan must have earned at least 50 Clan Activity Stars in the last 7 days (counted up to 10:00 UTC the current day).

Individual player requirements are as follows:

  • Players will need to be a fully-fledged Clan member by the time the Tournament starts. Anyone joining a Clan after the Tournament has started won’t be able to take part in the Tournament.
  • If you’re a very new player (meaning you haven’t completed Stage 1 of the Sewers of Arnoc in the Campaign on Normal, and you’re still taking part in your Novice Tournament), you will not be able to take part either.

Clan Members who are ineligible to take part for any of the above reasons will be marked as such once the Tournament starts.

How to earn Points

Clans can earn Points by completing any of the Objectives found in the “Objectives” tab of the Tournament interface.

The number of Points earned is different for each Objective. On top of that, certain Objectives may have Points multipliers, which means the number of Points Clan Members earn for completing those Objectives may be increased. This means players can earn extra Points for completing those Objectives - up to the stated Limit.

The Objectives that have Points multipliers may change, so make sure you check the Objectives at the start of the Tournament tab to see where you can earn the most Points.

Tournament Tiers

Clan Tiers

There are 6 Clan Reward Tiers. The higher the Tier, the better Rewards you can get and the stronger your opponent will be. 

Matchups will be decided based on how well each Clan has performed in previous CvC Tournaments.

Tiers and Clan vs Clan matchups will be set based on the number of Points each Clan earned in the previous Clan vs Clan Tournament.

Personal Tiers

Some CvC Tournaments will also offer a separate set of rewards, based on your personal performance. Look for this tab when a CvC Tournament begins to see if it has Personal Tiers.

There are 6 Personal Tiers. The higher the Tier, the better Rewards you can get.

Your Personal Tier is not connected to your Clan's performance at all. Instead, it depends on the number of Points you earned the last time you participated in a CvC Tournament that had Personal Tiers.


Each Tier will have its own Leaderboard. Please note: There is a short delay before the Leaderboard updates.


There are different types of Rewards in Clan vs Clan Tournaments. A Clan Member must contribute at least 1,000 Tournament Points to their Clan’s total to be able to receive the following rewards:

Versus Rewards

As you might expect, the Clan that earns the most points wins the Tournament, but the difference in points will also affect the outcome.

The progress bar in the “Versus” Tab will show you which extra Rewards each Clan will receive according to the difference in the number of Points each Clan has earned.

The progress bar will go back and forth as the Clans compete, and the more points you beat the other Clan by, the better your rewards.

These Rewards will be given out once the Tournament ends.

Clan Rewards

You get rewards for reaching certain Point Milestones during the Tournament. As and when a Clan earns enough Points to reach a Milestone, each Clan Member that has earned 1,000 Tournament Points will receive that Milestone’s reward.

Personal Rewards

There are 10 Personal Milestones in each Tier. Just like Clan Rewards, you get rewards for reaching certain Personal Point Milestones during the Tournament.

However, only each player's Personal Point contribution will be taken into the account for these Milestones.

Players are only eligible to receive Personal Rewards if their Clan wins the CvC Matchup, and so will only be able to claim after the Tournament ends.

CvC Trophy

The winning Clan will get a permanent CvC Trophy on their Clan Info page to keep a record of how many CvC Tournaments they’ve won.

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