How do I get and use the Helheim Fire item?

Helheim Fire is an item that increases the chance of a successful upgrade for a piece of equipment in the Forge.

Where can I obtain this item?

You get Helheim Fire when your Champion explores the Catacombs. It can also be purchased in the Helheim Store. To find out how many of these items you already have, open the Resources section of the My Items tab.

How do I use it?

Go to the Forge and select a piece of equipment that can be upgraded. Make sure you have enough components and decide how many Helheim Fire items you want to use.

The more items you spend, the higher the chance of a successful upgrade. At higher upgrade levels, it is impossible to reach a 100% chance of success, even if you use Helheim Fire.

If the process is completed successfully, the equipment bonuses will increase. If the upgrade process fails, you lose the components that were consumed — the materials, equipment, and Helheim Fire. The piece of equipment itself will remain at your disposal, but its bonuses will not change.

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