How do I transfer my game progress onto another device or PC?

Why is it important to sync desktop and mobile devices?

If you launch RAID: Shadow Legends on your PC without connecting your mobile account to your Plarium ID, Plarium Play will create a new RAID: Shadow Legends Profile. Your current progress will be lost, and you won't be able to connect your mobile profile afterward.

How to transfer an account?

Plarium Play

Connect your game account to a Plarium ID to keep your progress in RAID: Shadow Legends. Check the article How do I save my game progress?

If you already have a Plarium ID:

1. Download the Plarium Play launcher on

2. Once it's installed, click "Log in"

3. Enter your email address and click "Next"


4. Enter your password

5. Click "Read more" and then "Install"


Once the game is launched, you will see the account you played on your mobile device.


- Use the same Plarium ID for your mobile and Plarium Play accounts.

- Do not choose the Facebook option, even if your mobile account is connected to your Facebook. Otherwise, you will start a new game session.

Mobile phone or tablet

Connect your account to a Plarium ID, Facebook, or Apple ID to save your progress and log in on any device. For information on how to do it, check our article How do I save my game progress?


Then, follow these steps:

1. Install and launch RAID: Shadow Legends on another device

2. Tap "Log In" on the main screen transfer__0-00-15-21__en.jpg

3. Choose "Log in with Plarium ID"


4. Enter your email and tap "Next"


5. Enter your password and tap "Log in"


6. Enter the 2FA code and tap "Log in" once more


You have successfully entered the account. Tap "Back to the game" to finish the login process.


Note: Login with Apple ID works on iOS devices only.

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