The Basics - Summoning!

In the land of Titania, there exists mystical Tomes that Evokers may use to summon Titans, new and unique versions of the ancient Celestials that founded Titania millions of years in the past. Players can earn Tomes through gameplay by completing missions and quests, competing in Leaderboards, and buying them from the Shop.

Tomes come in a number of varieties, and which variety of Tome you are opening dictates which Titans may be summoned by any single Tome. In the Summon panel you can see the Titans that are featured in any variety of Tome, and the Info button can be tapped to see the Summon Rates for the selected Tomes; these are your chances to summon a particular type of Titan, based on Star count and Element.

Unless specifically called out, there is no guarantee as to what type of Titan you will receive when opening any individual Tome.

Different varieties of Tomes may be available for purchase directly from Rumble at different times, so be sure to check the Shop often and keep an eye on our social channels for announcements about upcoming Tome sales.

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