What is Towers and Titans?

Towers and Titans is the newest title from Rumble Games, a brand new spin on the tower defense concept set on the fantastical planet of Titania! Players will collect and use mystical Tomes imbued with Titanian Radiance to summon powerful Titans, committing them to the defense of the land against an unknown evil!

Adventuring their way through a deep campaign that takes them across the wonderous lands of Titania, players will uncover what secrets lay locked in the vast history of the realm, and find what the future holds for this magical world. Challenging dungeons exist to be conquered, giving up vast riches that can be then used to train up your Titans. And then there are the Arenas, battlefields designed to allow Commanders to face each other in epic battle for fame and fortune on a number of seasonal Leaderboards!

Finally, players will have the opportunity to own the Titans they summon, as every Titan will be a unique NFT on the blockchain, and can be traded or sold, on top of being sent into battle! (Don't worry if you don't understand what NFTs or the blockchain are: we're focused on providing epic gameplay first!)

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