How do I choose the country whose currency will be used for payments?

If you want to change the country whose currency will be used for transactions, do the following:

1. Open Plarium Play
2. Go to "Settings" on the sidebaren1.png3. Select the "Payments" tab
4. In the "Country" section, click "Edit"en2.jpg5. Select the preferred country from the list, then click "Save"en3.jpg

The changes will apply immediately. Please note that the selected country will be tied to a specific Plarium Play account.


  • The list of available currencies varies from game to game. If you choose the currency that is not available, the prices will still be displayed in dollars.
  • You can only change your country once every 24 hours.
  • You cannot change your country while a game is running.
  • In order for the new settings to apply, quit the game, change the country, and then open the game again.

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