How do I earn Artifacts to collect special Trunks of Power?

Trunks of Power are a part of a special time-limited Event, throughout which you will receive Artifacts for each purchase you make in the Bank.

Gather enough Artifacts, and you will receive a mighty Trunk of Power. To see how many Artifacts you need to get your next Trunk of Power, check the Bank.

What is a Trunk of Power?

It's your grand Reward for collecting enough Artifacts, and it's loaded with Bonus Items!

There are several different types of Trunks you can get, each containing different Bonus Items. Once you have earned a Trunk, you can open it right then and there. If you don't want to, then it is automatically moved to the 'Special' tab in the Black Market.

How can I find and open my Trunk of Power?

Once you earn a Trunk, you may open it to start using the Items within whenever you like.

There are two possible ways to open them:

- Immediately (via the "Congratulations!" pop-up window)
Once you click on the "Open Trunk" button, all Items within will be added to the appropriate tab at the Black Market.

- Later (at the Black Market)
If you close the "Congratulations!" pop-up window, the Trunk you earned will be stored in the "Special" tab in the Black Market.

Can I lose my Artifacts?

Yes, all Artifacts you have accumulated will disappear when the Event is over. Act fast!





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