How do I maximize my Rewards at Battlegrounds?

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of Battlegrounds.

- Explore the Quests Menu from the Eagle's Nest

In the Eagle's Nest, next to the Battlegrounds tab, you will find the Quests tab. In order to unlock a new Saga Quest Battleground, you need to complete a Battleground of the required Level. You also need to claim your Reward for completing the previous Saga Quest Battleground.

The higher the Level of a Battleground you conquer, the greater your chance of receiving a massive Reward. Complete the toughest Battlegrounds you have access to in order to unlock higher Levels.

- Engage Battlegrounds during Battleground Tournaments

Conquering Battlegrounds during a Tournament grants Tournament Points in addition to all the normal Rewards. Those Points will become more Units and other treasures at the Tournament's end, offering significantly greater Rewards for fighting the exact same battles.

Battleground Tournaments are held regularly, and in the gaps between them, you will have enough time to fill the ranks of your army with newly trained Units.

- Improve your strategy

Our official player community is a great source of regularly updated game information, where you can find hints and tips about Battlegrounds. Joining the community will provide you a range of benefits, including:

- A better understanding of the Reward system
- Access to tried and tested tactics used by more experienced players

Join our official community at From there, you can login using your Plarium ID, or create a new login and password using the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner of the screen.





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