How do Food Consumption Reduction items work?

There are various ways to reduce Food Consumption without reducing the amount of Units you maintain, from constructing Buildings to unlocking Hero Abilities. The formula for calculating Food Consumption Reduction is as follows:

First, the Food Consumption statistics of all your Units are added together. The resultant number is your Castle’s Base Food Consumption.

Following this, the reductions from the Spring of Life and the Food Consumption Enchantment at the Obelisk of Power are applied to Base Food Consumption. These percentage reductions are added together and applied as one reduction, rather than applied cumulatively in sequence. This creates Adjusted Food Consumption.

The following reductions are then applied to Adjusted Food Consumption: Hero Abilities, League Fortress Knowledge, Consumption Reductions from high-Level Farms, and Food Consumption Reduction Items. These items are applied one after another, meaning that the number affected is the number resulting from the previous reduction, not the Adjusted Food Consumption calculated from the first stage.

This resultant total is your Castle’s Actual Hourly Food Consumption.





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