Why am I not getting PvP Tournament Points from my battles?

PvP (player vs. player) Warfare Tournaments are special events that take place over several days. These tournaments pit players directly against one another in the hunt for PvP Warfare Tournament Points (or, PvP Points for short). These points are awarded for troops killed or lost during battles with other players, such as when fighting at Havens, Targets, and Presidios.

Players will only receive PvP Points from battles involving other players. Defeating Spanish Units at Prizes or Presidios will not earn progress for the Tournament.

You will see a special icon in your News o' Pyracy when PvP Points are credited to you. If you do not see the icon showing your PvP Points, then you didn’t earn any from that battle.

1.png  - this icon means that you got PvP points;

2.png  - this icon means that you got points for Raid Ranking (these are not PvP points).

The more PvP Points you earn, the greater your PvP Tournament Fame and the greater the rewards you will receive. Remember, only PvP Warfare Tournament Points count towards your Fame for this quest – all other Tournament Points will be ignored.

The amount of PvP Points earned from a battle depends on the intensity of the battle itself. Defeating other players in extremely one-sided battles won’t get you many PvP Points, but if you take part in a hard-fought contest where both sides take losses, you will be richly rewarded. If you want to earn the most PvP Points, then fight your equals.

Keep in mind:

  • Even if you have earned all the Rewards on offer, your Fame will continue to accumulate and change your Rank in the Tournament. The Reward for first place will go to the player with the most PvP Points when the Tournament ends, so remember to keep fighting if you want to get the most Rewards!
  • Every player in the game that is Level 5 or above can participate in the Tournament.
  • The Rewards you receive depend on your Haven's Level in the game.





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